Our commitment to quality is at the core of our company.  As a supplier to the Norwegian oil & Gas sector, we had the benefit of following and being in the forefront of the development of quality assurance, quality control and health and safety measurements of the Norwegian Oil-shelf.

Our quality assurance and quality control assure the quality of all materials that we deliver.

Successful customers is the basis of our business. On this basis, we strive to always deliver the highest quality material possible, on time, to the agreed price. We strive to know and understand the business of our customers, so that we can apply our abilities and knowledge in such a way that is benefits our customers the most. Our goal is customer satisfaction and long standing mutual beneficial relations.

We are certified in accordance to ISO 9001: 2008, and make sure that our partners that supplies us with our product hold all the required certificates and approvals needed.

Health Safety and Environment

Safety comes first. Our commitment to the people who work for us means we provide a safe workplace as this is the foundation for a successful operation. We care for our people that is why safety is our number one priority in all operations. Our system is in accordance with the Norwegian authorities Regulation last amended in 2013: FOR 1996-12-06 no.1127 “Regulations relating to systematic health, environment and safety work in enterprises”