Alloy 625

UNS N06625 / W. 2.4856


Alloy 625, also known under the registered trademark Inconel 625, serves effectively as both a corrosion resistant and heat resistant material. The combination of high temperature strength and resistance to halogen attack, oxidation, and carburization has made alloy 625 a popular choice for chemical and petrochemical process equipment exposed to hostile, high temperature environments.

Alloy 625 was created in the 1940s for use in jet-engines. The alloy was patented and sold under the trademark Inconel 625. The patent protection has long ago expired and today all producers can manufacture Alloy 625. The name Inconel 625, however, is still a registered trademark belonging to the producer Special Metals Corporation.

Sverdrup Steel stocks Alloy 625 round bar in a wide variety of sizes. Our material is in accordance with: NACE MR0175 and NORSOK N01. Click on the table to the right to see our stock selection

Mechanical properties
U.T.S 120 KSI min (827 N/mm2)
0,2% Proof Stress 60 KSI min (414 N/mm2)
Elongation 20 % min
Red. of Area 35 % min
CVN Impacts @ -40oC  27 Joules (20 ft lbf)
Condition: Annealed
Chemical Composition
Weight%  C Si Mn P S Cr Ni Mo Al Ti Nb(Cb)+Ta Fe
Min.  20,0 58,0 8,0  3,15
Max 0,1 0,5 0,5 0,015 0,015 23,0 10,0 0,4  0,4  4,15  5.0