Sverdrup Hanssen Spesialstål changes name to Sverdrup Steel

February 2, 2012

On the twenty-year anniversary of its founding, Sverdrup Hanssen Spesialstål is pleased to announce the new name: Sverdrup Steel. Effective from the 1st of February, the new name reflects a new brand identity that increases the emphasis on the international markets.

CEO and Founder Torstein Erevik explains:

We now have a foundation that gives us the opportunity to focus more on the international markets. Through the years we’ve gotten a lot of customers outside of Norway. Sverdrup Steel underpins our commitment to these customers and to developing new foreign customer relationships. We plan to do this by pursuing and enhancing the business model that we’ve always had: Offering our customers a large stock selection, coupled with a high service level. We believe that our local and national customers will profit from this new strategy through; an increased stock selection, an increase in knowledge and a bigger network.”

Sverdrup Steel will keep the organization number. Postal address, phone number and payment details, remains unchanged. The company’s current web site (www.sverdrup-­ will, from the 1st of February, forward to the new site; Our current mail addresses will continue to work, with new mail addresses getting the ending;

Sverdrup Steel - Global Suppliers of:

Stainless steel / duplex / superduplex / 6mo nickel alloys / nitronic / titanium / low alloy material