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ksi mpa converter

KSI / MPa converter available on product pages

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In the hunt for easy and accessible information we have now added a KSI to MPa / MPa to KSI converter on the right hand side of all our product pages. We will continue to add easy tools in the future to make the information more visible for you as a customer. On a mobile device you will find it at the bottom of the pages due to the responsive adaption of the content.

If you have any ideas or feedback, please dont hesitate to send us an email.

All warehouses running at normal capacity

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In these troubled times we will just remind you that all of our six warehouses are still running at normal capacity. Both in Korea, Germany, UK and Scandinavia. And we will do our utmost to keep running at full capacity.

To ensure the level of service and the lead times we aim to deliver, as our customers have come to expect from Sverdrup Steel. On the other hand, we take our precautions and our employees have good hygiene and infection control routines for the carrier and our safety.

Read our full Covid-19 statement.

The challenges we all face – Covid-19

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We would like to inform all customers and other interested parties about the daily operation of Sverdrup Steel in these challenging times caused by the pandemic of Covid-19.

As a responsible and active member of all nine countries where we are active, Sverdrup Steel and our team members all respect and adhere to all legislation and health advice given in each respective area.

In addition to this we have implemented additional measures to ensure in the extent possible the health of our employees. Amongst these is a wide use of home office for all personnel that are able to conduct their work in this manner.

Access to our premises is also restricted in this phase of the pandemic. Any visits need to be scheduled and approved by an employee at Sverdrup Steel.

All of our six warehouses are still running at normal capacity. And we will do our utmost to keep running at full capacity. To ensure the level of service and the lead times we aim to deliver, as our customers have come to expect from Sverdrup Steel.

However, the health and wellbeing of our staff will not be compromised. If health related priorities cause delays at a later stage of the pandemic, we ask to be understood for putting the wellbeing and health of our employees first.

We are certain that societies around the globe will come together in these challenging times, pull together and undertake the necessary actions to stagger and overcome this virus.

Website available in ten languages

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As we are expanding into new markets and countries, we need to make sure the customers have access to the necessary information easily. This is a huge process, meaning that some minor words and syllables might be wrong, a bug here and there – but we are working on getting things up to standard within the next weeks.

Finnish will be implemented as well in the next week or two as the tenth language.

Information is important for everyone across the globe. Not everyone has English as their mother tongue, which is why we are constantly working to expand our language tool on the site. We will monitor the use of the different languages, up to geolocation to see if there are any other languages that may be useful to implement in this process.

If you have any requests about certain languages, spelling issues or general feedback – please let us know by e-mail:

Rune Hagelin – Brand Coordinator
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Sometimes size is not everything

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Late December we got our seventh saw delivered to our warehouse in Stavanger. The new saw is a Pegas 300 that is perfectly suited to cut round bar in the range from 6-130 mm. We have put it to work in the range 22-100 mm. This frees up capacity in our bigger saws to handle all the bigger diameters where they have their sweet spot.

Our operator Anna is very happy with the performance of the Pegas 300, and we are very happy to register an increase in productivity and better utilization of the saw blades in our bigger machines.

“We are always looking for ways to improve and to maximize our resources,” says warehouse manager Frode Kolnes. He is very happy, both with the saw and the services provided by our local supplier Alf I. Larsen.

“Having the right tools for the job is very important for us. This enables us to deliver the product our customers have come to expect from Sverdrup Steel. Not only a high-quality steel product, but equally important on time delivery, the correct packaging and paperwork. If an extraordinary situation arises for the customer, they appreciate our will to go the extra mile for them.

In order to for Sverdrup to further develop our total product, investments in resources is needed. And I am glad that our management is driving these processes throughout the company.” Frode Kolnes states.

product sheets duplex

Product sheets for most common grades

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It’s all about making information understandable and visible for our customers. With the new design on the product pages and small functions reflecting just that, we are now expanding our product sheet PDF section. This makes it simple for you in search for information about a certain product. Leaflets with all the need-to-know about a certain alloy will be posted on the downloads section for our most common grades. They are easy to print out from a PDF viewer afterwards as well.

Head over to the downloads section here.

Chi Zhang

Chi Zhang – Our new representative in China

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We are very excited to welcome Mr. Chi Zhang as Sverdrup Steels representative in the Chinese market.

Mr. Zhang is very experienced in sales of high performance alloys and has an extensive knowledge about the market.

A further asset for both our customers and Sverdrup Steel is his technical expertise, that has been required through his education as a metallurgist and his previous employment at Outokumpu. However, his main work experience is with selling high performance alloys from leading European manufacturer to Chinese clients.

We are confident Mr. Zhang will help Sverdrup Steel further grow our market in China. From our service center in Busan, Korea, Sverdrup Steel serve the South East Asian markets ensuring quick dispatch and freight time.


SSW Maastricht 2019

Stainless Steel World 2019 was a great success

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Stainless Steel World is a steel and machning expo held biennial in Maastricht, with over 280 exhibitors and 6500 middle-to-higher management visitors. For Sverdrup Steel the Stainless Steel World is a very good fit. It is an expo that has been attracting the global players for many years. We get to take the pulse on the market segment that is our niche of high performance stainless steel grades. In addition to present an opportunity to meet with partner suppliers as well as longstanding and potentially new customer relations.

Again this year Sverdrup Steel is very happy with the three days in Maastricht. We have had a large number of customers, suppliers and partners in the booth, but also a lot of new faces that have been very positive. This is one of our most important trade shows during the year, that is why we appreciate the event and the people it brings.

With people from all over the world, you get many different languages and cultures. Sverdrup Steel was represented by staff on stand from both Norway, Germany, Poland and the Netherlands to give people a small sense of home. Sverdrup Steel also took the opportunity to present our values as handheld signs, and several of the visitors were able to photograph themselves with their favourite Sverdrup value. When the expo calmed down in the afternoons, we gathered a good amount of known and unknown faces for good conversations and cold beverages.

We thank you again for your efforts and a good event Stainless Steel World, see you next time!

Image gallery from the expo

Foto: Fotografmester Hans Jørgen Brun

We’re Joining Are Strandli towards Tokyo 2020

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We are delighted to inform that we will work with Are Strandli towards the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Are, along with his companion are among the world’s best rowers in the sport double sculler. When they won bronze at the Rio Olympics, they were also awarded the Fearney’s Honorary Award for Norway’s best performance during the Olympics.

Our contribution allows are to spend more time focusing on training. In turn we hope that Are will inspire our organization as we learn more about how an Olympic gold medal candidate systematically work towards their goal.

In the initial stages of our collobaration it has been interesting to learn that the values set by the duo share many simalerities with the values established by our team at Sverdrup Steel.

Are and Kristoffer have been in the top of the world rankings for the last 6-7 years and have been on the podium in all the major championships (World Cup, European Championship and Olympics). This indicates that their goal for Tokyo 2020 is nothing short of achievable.

The season has recently started with training at the Olympiatoppen in Oslo, but they will leave for Portugal for an 11 day training camp december the 9th, where they finally get some rowing done in water.

Believe it or not – rowing is actually a small sport in Norway, but worldwide there are over a 100 countries fighting for the same medal. We wish Are and Kristoffer good luck in the journey to another Olympic medal. You have all 70 of us cheering for you!

Photo: Hans Jørgen Brun

Kormarine Korea 2019

Thank you Kormarine, Korea!

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We attended Kormarine in Busan, Korea from 22.-25. october. A huge marine expo with over 800 exhibitors from 46 countries.

Kormarine 2019 participation was great success for Sverdrup Steel. We met with many existing business contacts and we also got to meet several new people and companies that we will share future business with thanks to this expo. It was excellent to see our Korean staff at work with great expertise and big smiles all around!

It was also impressive that several Chinese clients made the way to visit us in Busan which we find very welcoming.

We hope to see you all next time!

In november we will attend the Stainless Steel World expo in Maastricht, Netherlands. Read more about it here.

Renate Mannes showing her favourite value

Summary of Offshore Technology Days 2019

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After two great days on stand during Offshore Technology Days in Stavanger, we can sum up with a good attendance and plenty of nice conversations. It is always good to see customers, partners and suppliers, and not just talk to them on the phone.

OTD is the meeting place where professionals from the oil and energy business meet and share technical and commercial experience. Its every other year in Stavanger – the opposite year of the huge ONS in the same expo area. (And in Bergen the opposite year.)

The fair was held on wednesday and thursday where the wednesday ended with a great Octoberfest with great food and drinks, entertainment and awards. Renate Mannes from Key Account Sales was on hand and we had a chat with her to hear what her experience of the show was.

Renate – first of all. Are you happy with our presence at OTD?

– Yes, absolutely, I am. Many visitors. We had a nice, spacious stand with a very good location in Hall E surrounded by many interesting companies.

Did you meet the contacts you wanted to meet?

– Got to meet many of them, but not all. I attended the expo at thursday. Was probably a bit quieter than the first day. Some of the explanation lies there I think. In addition, many simply have too busy days that they have not set aside time to visit the expo. But it is often just when it would have been wise to make a visit, and perhaps make new contacts.

Was it anything under OTD that stood out from other exhibitons in the same segment?

– There are many local companies. The expo is not too big either. It is easy to get an overview of all exhibitors.

Is this a expo you would like to attend again?

– Yes it is, both as an exhibitor and visitor.

We saw earlier that your favorite value in Sverdrup Steel is love – can you elaborate on the choice?

– All you need is love! We care about and respect our colleagues, customers and suppliers, and of course family. We are good at taking care of and supporting each other. With this value in the core, we have the foundation for our other good values.

To summarize, we would like to thank you Renate for solid answers, and at the same time we would like to thank OTD for a fine execution of the expo. See you at OTD in Bergen 2020?


Photo: Aker Solutions

Global frame agreement with Aker Solutions

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Sverdrup Steel is proud to announce a contract award for global frame agreement with Aker Solutions.

Aker Solutions provide subsea production equipment, offshore field design, ranging from concept studies and front-end engineering to subsea production systems. In addition, they carry out maintenance and modifications work and provide services during operations as well as deliver solutions to extend the lifetime of oil and gas field.

To be involved as one of the preferred material solution provider is a milestone for Sverdrup Steel.

It is the result of preparation, hard work and determination. Developing competence and have understanding for market needs is essential and Sverdrup Steel is proud to provide material solutions and look forward to keep adding value to Aker Solutions.

Photo: Aker Solutions

Sverdrup Steel Stock Program 2019

Updated stock program and new product sheets

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Customers are our first priority, thats why we always look for ways to make product information more available and easier to understand. With our refreshed product pages we have now followed up with a digital stock program folder and product sheets for some of the alloys where we have expanded our program.

If you have any interest in these, please head over to the downloads section of the website and watch for yourself.

Stainless Steel World

We are attending Stainless Steel World 2019

By Exhibitions

Once again we are attending the Stainless Steel World expo in Maastricht, Netherlands. The expo has a display of over 280 steel related companies and thousands of visitors over these days. We have attended SSW several times and we have been very happy with the attendance we have had at our stand previous years. Sverdrup Steel has grown a lot over the last couple of years, the growth has derived from the expansion in formats, alloys and services we now offer to our customers and partners. We hope to have as many current relations and possible new customers stop by our stand as possible, so that we can update and inform about what Sverdrup Steel can contribute with as the markets leading solution provider.

Really looking forward to meeting both old and new acquaintances at our stand B29.

We are striving to learn more about the challenges our existing and potential new customers are facing in this current market. A market that is rapidly changing in a way that presents new challenges in regards to demands on the suppliers, producers and the technology providers. So that we can further improve our understanding of the challenges in the market, enabling us to use our attributes and resources to help us find the optimal solutions.

Sverdrup Steel is a solution provider, adding value to the stainless steel industry, through competence and availability.

Group financial controller - Jostein Østebø

New Group Financial Controller at Sverdrup Steel

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We would like to inform that Jostein Østebø has joined our team from 1st of september. His position in the team is Group Financial Controller, and will be based at our office in Stavanger, Norway.

Jostein completed his education as a business economist in 2014 and has worked at BDO in auditing and legal since. We already know Jostein very well after working with him for several years. Our previous work experience with Jostein made the choice obvious when we went searching for a financial controller for the Sverdrup group. His work ethics and dedication makes him a perfect match.

Jostein has already proven to be a welcomed addition to our financial team. His trained eye for details, efficiency and positive attitude combined with a very infectious laughter and fits well into the group. He is 31 years old, loves soccer and the local team Viking FK. We wish him all the best in the new position.


Sverdrup Steel attending Kormarine 2019

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See you at Kormarine 22.-25. october! We have had a big growth in the asian countries since the start of Sverdrup Steel Korea in 2017. This leads to more exposure in the asian exhibitions and we are happy to be attending this expo. Come and meet the Korean team at booth 5F20 in Hall 5.

Busan, the leading maritime & shipbuilding capital of the world

South Korea has long been a country of the world’s top shipbuilder in terms of annual orders and construction volume. This is why it’s a perfect fit for the expo. Over 800 exhibitors from 46 countries will attend with 36000 visitors from 80 countries.

Kormarine is a festival of people from shipbuilding and maritime industries all around the world. Read more about the expo or see the schedule here. See you at Kormarine!

See you at Elmia Subcontractor 2017

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Welcome November 14 – 17, 2017. We will be present again at the Elmia Subcontractor exhibition. Elmia Subcontractor is Northern Europe’s leading trade show for subcontractors in the manufacturing industry and their customers – a genuine specialist fair for product development and purchasing. The fair is held annually at Elmia in Jönköping, Sweden. Every year it brings together 1,200 exhibitors from 30 countries and about 15,000 visitors. Sverdrup Steel looks forward to welcome you at our stand BO4:74

Brand new

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We are very happy to welcome you to the new website of Sverdrup Steel Group! We hope you find that the website provides the information you are seeking, and maybe provide a couple of facts or tools that you enjoy. The new website should be more user friendly and is suitable for mobile and tablet users.

Over the next few weeks we will be adding more content and fine tuning this site, so if you see an issue please let us know. And, if you like what you see, we wouldn’t mind hearing about that either. One of the new features of the new site is the use and integration of our Mat-line, that our employees have duped the DNA sequence of Sverdrup Steel. You can learn more about the material line by following this link.

We are delighted to announce a major new stock investment at our Sheffield facility

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Sverdrup Steel UK has built its reputation on providing a high level of customer service and rapid response from our facility in Sheffield.  We are pleased to announce that with effect of February 2017, we have embarked on the exciting next phase of our continued stock investment programme, with the introduction of corrosion resistant plate EX STOCK in SHEFFIELD.

This investment enables us to offer quick deliveries to meet our customers’ requirements, with the benefit of allowing them to gain a competitive advantage in the demanding markets in which they operate.

We will continue to be supported by Sverdrup Steel AS in Norway who are a global supplier of Duplex, Super Duplex, Lean Duplex and 6Mo Plate and bar products with an extensive range of ex stock plate material at our central warehouse in Oslo.

This development however allows us to prepare material for despatch across the UK and globally in an average of 24-48 hours.

Please find attached a plate stock summary, which we trust you will find of interest.

We would welcome the opportunity to quote you for any requirements you may have now or in the future.