The challenges we all face – Covid-19

By 13.03.20 News

We would like to inform all customers and other interested parties about the daily operation of Sverdrup Steel in these challenging times caused by the pandemic of Covid-19.

As a responsible and active member of all nine countries where we are active, Sverdrup Steel and our team members all respect and adhere to all legislation and health advice given in each respective area.

In addition to this we have implemented additional measures to ensure in the extent possible the health of our employees. Amongst these is a wide use of home office for all personnel that are able to conduct their work in this manner.

Access to our premises is also restricted in this phase of the pandemic. Any visits need to be scheduled and approved by an employee at Sverdrup Steel.

All of our six warehouses are still running at normal capacity. And we will do our utmost to keep running at full capacity. To ensure the level of service and the lead times we aim to deliver, as our customers have come to expect from Sverdrup Steel.

However, the health and wellbeing of our staff will not be compromised. If health related priorities cause delays at a later stage of the pandemic, we ask to be understood for putting the wellbeing and health of our employees first.

We are certain that societies around the globe will come together in these challenging times, pull together and undertake the necessary actions to stagger and overcome this virus.

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