Monthly Archives: October 2022

Verification and testing of LD24, a new Lean Duplex grade

We are currently performing additional testing and verification of the new material grade LD24, where [...]

Duplex Seminar & Summit

Next week our Technical Manager, Ingve Stangeland, and Technical Director, Raymond Jægersen, will head towards [...]

OTD Energy Bergen 2022

We had a great time at the OTD Energy exhibition in Bergen, Norway.   The [...]

Footbridges built in Lean Duplex

On commission from Equinor, large footbridges were constructed in Lean Duplex In the fall of [...]

Stainless Steel World Exhibition

We had a fantastic time at the Stainless Steel World Exhibition!  We got to: ✔ meet our [...]

OTD Energy 2022

In a couple of weeks, we are heading for Bergen, Norway! From 19-20th of October, [...]