We stock products according to NORSOK requirements that also meet a wide range of customer specific specifications both domestically and internationally.

The purpose behind NORSOK is to reduce delivery time, ensure quality, decrease production time and cost for building and maintaining the petroleum installations of the Norwegian Offshore Sector.

Norsok Standards within Sverdrup Steel scope of delivery

  • Norsok M-650 Ed.4 – Qualification of Manufacturers of Special materials
  • Norsok M-650 Ed.4 – Qualification of Manufacturers of Special materials
  • Norsok M-630:2020 – Material Data Sheets (MDS) for Piping steel
  • Norsok M-601:2016 – Welding and Inspection of Piping (fabrication)
  • Norsok M-120:2021 – Material Data Sheets (MDS) for Structural steel
  • Norsok M-101 Ed.5 – Structural Steel Fabrication

Manufacturer qualifications – Norsok M-650 / ISO 17782:

Our stock of plate, sheet, bar and forging is produced by manufacturers qualified to Norsok M-650 and/ or ISO 17782 and such certified by acknowledged qualifying bodies – for applicable material grades as per Norsok M-650/ M-630:

  • 22Cr duplex: UNS S31803/ S32205 – EN 1.4462
  • 25Cr duplex: UNS S32750/ S32760 – EN 1.4410/ 1.4501
  • Type 6Mo: UNS S31254 – EN 1.4547
  • Titanium grade 2

In addition, Sverdrup Steel have a selection of manufacturers of lean duplex which are Norsok M-650/ M-120 qualified – e.g. plates and profiles:

  • Lean duplex: UNS S32304 – EN 1.4362

In conjunction with an end user, Sverdrup Steel also have Norsok M-650 qualified manufacturers of Super 13Cr bar material:

  • Super 13Cr: UNS S41425/ S41426 – EN 1.4415 (95ksi and 110ksi)

Material certification – Norsok, ASTM, EN, API, etc:

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Our stocked material is produced and certified to respective ASTM standards as per Norsok M-630 or M-120 – for products and grades included in respective Norsok specification.

However, stock material is typical produced and certified to cover also additional seen market required standards and specifications – such as EN, API, etc. For “special/ fabricated” products we produce and certify to standards like Norsok M-601 or Norsok M-101.

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