All our duplex materials are produced by Norsok M-650 Ed.4 and/or ISO 17782 qualified manufacturers.

Duplex UNS S31803 / S32205 are the most common duplex grades in the market. They have very good resistance to localized corrosion and stress corrosion cracking in combination with high mechanical strength. They are widely used in oil & gas, hydro power, pressure vessels, pulp & paper, structural components and chemical tankers. The alloys are not intended to be used at temperatures above 300°C due to embrittlement.

  • Applications

  • Heat treatment and weldability

  • Chemical Composition (Specific for Bars)

  • Reference Standards

  • Mechanical Properties (typical)

Stocked products and dimensions

  • HIP compatible

  • Round Bar Stock

  • Hollow bar

  • Plate Stock

  • Coil stock