Sverdrup Steel - Corporate Presentation (English)

Sverdrup Steel - Corporate Presentation (English)

Publisert av Sverdrup Steel Mandag 18. november 2019

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Sverdrup Steel is a Global Supplier of high performance materials, providing one of  the World’s largest stock holdings of high performance alloys in bars and plates.

We stock a complete range of NORSOK M650 approved material in bars and plates that is ready for same day dispatch from our facilites in Norway, Germany, Korea and the UK.

Through the years as a leading specialist in high performance alloys, the company has amassed a unique set of knowhow and knowledge. Our technical department can advice customers on a range of technical topics. One of the World’s largest stock coupled with top technical competence makes Sverdrup Steel the materials solutions provider for high performance alloys in bars and plates.

Our product selection is specialized toward the offshore industry, but we also deliver to other high performance industries where material specifications are high. Such as:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical and Process Industry
  • Energy and Heavy Industries
  • Automotive
  • Marine and Ship Building
  • Construction
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Mining



We have many years of experience with delivering forged materials to the mechanical industry from renowned, NORSOK M650 approved suppliers. Sverdrup Steel can deliver forged materials in Duplex, Super Duplex, 6Mo and other grades. Our years of experience ensures delivery according to specification.


All of our warehouses have high band-saw capacity to ensure quick, on measurement delivery of long products. Our machines are capable of handling our entire stock range. We also have the tools to cut coil to length after the customers specifications.


We offer both plasma and water cut components. With in-house capabilities for both plasma and water jet cutting, we can provide cut from plate details in simple and complex shapes.