Our coverstory in Stainless Steel World Magazine

The footbridge being installed at the Mongstad facillity

We are proud to be featured in Stainless Steel World Magazine

In the fall of 2020, our partner, Fabtech, was commissioned by Equinor to build footbridges to replace the existing footbridges on the Mongstad facility. The pre-existing bridges were constructed in painted carbon steel.


Stainless Steel World Cover
Stainless Steel World Cover

We wanted to challenge the existing solution and replace carbon steel with Lean Duplex as a more sustainable and durable solution, resulting in two new bridges that will last for generations 💡 With the use of Lean Duplex it is possible to have a lighter structure, less maintenance, and reduce the CO2 footprint.

Although the bridges were built in 2021, the installation did not occur before June 2022 due to rough weather conditions.

Read the story in the leading international magazine for the industry, Stainless Steel World magazine, here

The story highlights how transitioning to duplexes offers significant savings in terms of 🔸 lifecycle cost 🔸 maintenance 🔸 overall weight 🔸 and reduced CO2 footprint.