Built for the future

The new Munch museum is constructed in Duplex to last for generations.

Munch museeum in Oslo

Since its opening in 2020, the art museum, MUNCH, has become a landmark in Oslo, Norway. It is not only interesting to look at, but the construction is also quite fascinating.

What is significant about the building is the sustainable foundation. Climate changes and harsh weather had to be considered when designing and engineering the construction. As a result, the building contains large amounts of steel. Some applications are highly visible, like the facade, and others are more hidden.

Leading up to the building, there is a wide pedestrian bridge. It might not be visible, but the bridge contains more than 10 tonnes of high-strength 1.4462 / DUPLEX UNS S31803 that we delivered for its construction. The Duplex steel was cut into multiple pieces by our waterjet cutting machine at Kløfta. 1.4462 / DUPLEX UNS S31803 is entirely maintenance-free, highly durable, and robust. The steel thus creates a solid and sustainable foundation for generations to come.

Bridge by the Munch museeum

Published: 26 Apr 22