Clever use of different Duplex grades

Duplex offer superior value with the extreme price increases we see in austenitic grades.

An industrial saw mill

Sverdrup Steel has this summer been awarded supply of approx. 85 tons Duplex stainless steel plates for process equipment to a Russian Zinc smelter.

We sold this project directly to our customer in Turkey

– Erik Sandell, Sales Director Export Sales.

The scope of supply includes cold- and hot rolled plates in Duplex grades 1.4162 (2101), 1.4362 (2304), 1.4462 (2205) and 1.4410 (2507). It is very rare we see usage of all those grades in one project.

We supplied all materials from our existing stock in Germany, shipped with trucks direct to Istanbul.

The engineers that made the specification has clearly understood the advantages different Duplex grades offer in both corrosion resistance, strength, and also when it comes to cost savings. Nowadays, with the extreme price increases we see in austenitic grades, Duplex offer superior value.

If you have special material needs, don`t hesitate to contact our global sales team.

Published: 07 Oct 21