High performance alloys for drilling and well operations

The search for oil and gas resources in harsh and demanding environments requires high performance steel with high mechanical, physical and chemical properties.

Two people working at an oil rig.

Low Alloy Steel is a category of ferrous metals that exhibit mechanical properties superior to plain carbon steels due to the addition of alloying elements as chromium and molybdenum, and in addition to vanadium, niobium and titanium.

The main purpose of these alloying elements is to increase the hardenability of the material in order to increase the mechanical strength. Hardenability is a measurement of the depth to which it will harden.

Low Alloy Steel can hold very high tensile and yield strength. Combined with excellent impact values, Low Alloys Steel is widely used within the oil and gas industry.

Suitable for production of oilfield tools such as X-overs, pup-joints, mandrels, drill collars, drill pipes, shafts, high strength machining parts, valves, subsea applications and other downhole equipment.

Sverdrup Steel holds one of the largest and comprehensive stock for both solid bars and bored bars in various Low Alloy Steel grades from high quality manufacturers:

Material comes in both hot-rolled and forged condition with supporting documents to secure full traceability.

Our stock material can be cut to requested length for same day delivery to ensure our customers tight delivery schedule.

We aim to always have full stock of solid bars that easily can be bored to customers semi-finished or finished ID requirements. Our solid bar stock material can be supplied as deep hole bored, counterbored, gun drilled, pull bored, off-center bored and honed with fine tolerances.

We can deliver bored bars with a drilling range of ID 7mm to ID 500mm and lengths up to 16 meters on request.

If you have any questions regarding alloy properties or pricing, please contact Frode SivertsenAnders Kleven or Nigel Fisher (UK).

Published: 09 Nov 20

By: Elisabeth Kruiderink