HIP – Hot Isostatic Pressure

Superior mechanical properties

HIP manifold

Sverdrup Steel provides HIP components to the energy and heavy industry market via our partner MTC Powder Solutions, in Sweden. HIP stands for Hot Isostatic Pressure, developed to create excellent mechanical properties and enable complex geometric solutions.

The concept is based on metal powder which is transformed to solid metal shapes by using high pressure and temperature. This enables us to produce near-net shape solutions for your applications, minimizing waste and reducing your handling cost substantially.

The ability to manufacture HIP products with irregular shapes and complex geometry offers several advantages over castings, forgings and fabricated materials, both in terms of design flexibility and material properties.

The main advantages with using HIP:

  • Superior microstructure on your product, giving better properties compared with conventional methods
  • Total cost reduction
  • Tailor made solutions, often enabling final products which would be very difficult to manufacture in other ways

Read more about the advanced HIP technology here and advantages here.

To find out how we can assist you with HIP please contact Roald Fosse or Linda Oaland.

Published: 10 Feb 23

By: Elisabeth Kruiderink