Important order in Poland

Sverdrup Steel was in february 2021 awarded an important order for supply in the Polish energy sector.

A warehouse with steel plates

More than 40 tons of Alloy 31 plates is to be supplied from our stock points in Germany and Korea for immediate supply to our end-user client in Poland. We can offer all global clients quick turnaround and fast shipping on stock material.

We are proud to be chosen as supplier for this important client, and this shows the capabilities of our company.

Erik Sandell, Export Director.

Why Alloy 31 you might ask?

Alloy 31 is a nickel, chromium and molybdenum stainless steel with nitrogen and copper additions.

It combines moderate tensile strength and high ductility with excellent corrosion resistance in sulfuric acid, reducing and oxidizing media and has strong resistance to corrosion and erosion corrosion in phosphoric environment as f.ex pulp & paper industry, flue gas desulphurization – FGD – systems, sea water heat exchangers, petroleum production and refining industry, mining industry etc.

If you have any questions regarding Alloy 31 or other nickel alloys, please contact our global sales team.

Published: 02 Mar 21

By: Elisabeth Kruiderink