Increased export of Alloy Super 13Cr

Sverdrup Steel holds one of the biggest stock of Equinor M650 approved Super 13Cr. suitable for various needs.

A truck with a person inside who is inspecting steel

We are significantly increasing our export of Super 13Cr. material to the international marked.

Approx. 8 tons of Super 13Cr. 110K OD8’’ (203mm) bars just got packed and shipped with an overnight order to Spanish customer.

We stock the following dimensions:

  • 110K solid bars from 3’’ to 10’’
  • 95K solid bars from 3’’ to 8,5’’

Contact our sales team if you want to know more about our Super 13Cr / EN 1.4415 / UNS S41425 / UNS S41426 range.

Published: 28 Sep 20