Meet Mats Benson, our new Director Business Development

We are excited to announce that Mats Benson has joined us as Director Business Development!

Mats Benson at an exhibition

Ever since his start this August, Mats has been on the go. Traveling from his home in Sweden to our offices, visiting exhibitions and partners, and exploring new markets, it is safe to say that he has been busy.

But this is familiar to Mats. He has been on the go since he started his career and enjoys an active lifestyle with his wife, three kids, and dog. To get to know Mats a bit better, we asked him some questions 😊

Welcome aboard our team, Mats! Please tell us what your position as Director Business Development entails.

  • My responsibility is to develop our offering to our customers and to grow new markets and segments. Already today, we have sales to over 80 countries and there is still much to do. During the 20 years I have been in the industry, the special steel products have grown faster than the stainless steel industry in general because carbon steel and more ordinary stainless steel are being converted into materials with higher strength and better corrosion resistance. This way our customer enjoys better life cycle cost and as I believe the importance sustainability will only become more important in the future this will continue to grow. Together with my colleagues, my job is to come up with a plan and strategy to continue to make Sverdrup Steel an even stronger supplier and there are many areas to focus on e.g., energy and heavy industry, mining industry, and not least the green transition within the renewables segment. In addition, there are more products and suppliers that we can work together with to expand our offering further.

You mentioned that you have been in the industry for 20 years. What is your experience in the business during this time?

  • I started my career at R&D in Avesta at the company that later became Outokumpu. Since then, I have worked within Outokumpu, holding many leading positions in business development, production, and sales. One thing the positions have in common is that I have always worked with special steel and highly refined products. Since 2019, I have worked in Outokumpu’s long products division before starting at Sverdrup Steel in August this year.

Businesswise, what’s up next?

  • Currently, I am in South Korea for the Koremarine exhibition in Busan 😊  So far, we have had some exciting meetings and look forward to the following days.

Fantastic! Where can they find you?

  • Stand 2I43 untill the 27th!

Be sure to stop by Mats and the rest of our team at Koremarine!

Published: 26 Oct 23