Meet our new colleague, Rune!

We are excited to announce that we have a new colleague, Rune Gilje Hamre! Rune is now a part of the warehouse team in Stavanger, Norway.

Portrait of Rune Gilje

To get to know him a bit better, we asked him four quick questions:

Hello Rune, can you share what you do at Sverdrup Steel? 

  • I do some of everything here at the warehouse, but I primarily work with high alloy steels and enjoy operating the saws. 

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work? 

  • I love music and play drums in a band called Bad Uforia. 

Yes, you recently toured in Italy with your band 😀 How was that?

  • It was a great experience. We all enjoyed it.

Tell us something you’re excited about!

  • I am going to a heavy metal concert in Oslo to see Arch Enemy this weekend. 

Heavy metal, of course 🤘 Enjoy the concert, Rune! It’s good to have you on the team.

If you want to know some of our other colleagues that recently joined the team, you can read about Maren, Christina, David, and Ingve.


Published: 04 Nov 22

By: Elisabeth Kruiderink