Contract for the Northern Lights Project

Illustration: Equinor

The northern light project facility in Øygarden.

We are proud to announce that we deliver stainless steel plates and profiles to Aker Solutions for the Northern Lights CO2 transport and storage project, part of the Norwegian government’s Longship project.

Plates and profiles are mainly in grade 1.4404/316L and supplied from our European partners with an average recycled content of more than 90 %, resulting in a lower level of CO2 emissions and a minimal environmental impact.

Illustration from Equinor

The Northern Lights project aims to store liquified CO2 offshore as a safe and permanent solution. The project will play a significant role in the Norwegian climate solution as it will initially enable capture and storage of 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 annually that would otherwise be emitted.

Liquified CO2 will be transported from onshore industrial capture sources to storage offshore. The liquid CO2 will be injected 2.5 km under the seabed in the North Sea for permanent storage.

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Published: 27 Jul 22