Potential big savings using Lean Duplex

A follow up on our posting in June.

Graph that show potential big savings using Lean Duplex

To follow up our posting in June, comparing prices for different stainless steel grades, current market conditions still hugely favor use of Lean Duplexes. If you still haven’t checked whether your production or products can adopt these grades, NOW IS THE TIME. Remember, potential weight savings is extra bonus.

The current strong market for sheets and plates in grades 304 and 316 has resulted in very high prices and lack of materials available. A contributing factor to this is also the strong prices for raw materials as nickel, chromium and molybdenum. Did you know there exist alternative grades?

To a great extent, Lean Duplex grades 1.4162 and 1.4362 can replace 304 and 316.

Pricing of Lean Duplex grades are more stable and currently very attractive. See graph below for approximate comparison of prices.

Thanks to the chemical analysis and heat treatment, Lean duplex has both very high mechanical properties and also extremely good resistance against corrosion.

In many designs, it’s possible to significantly reduce the thickness of the plates used, compared to the standard grades, making savings even greater.

Sverdrup Steel stock both coils and sheets/plates of both 1.4162 and 1.4362 in widths 1500mm and 2000mm.

Please contact our sales staff to learn more, or simply get a quotation.

Published: 23 Sep 21

By: Elisabeth Kruiderink