Stainless steel hollow sections

Sverdrup Steel offer a wide dimension range in structural square hollow sections for 316L / 1.4404 and Lean Duplex / 1.4362 / UNS S32304.

Hollow sections

Square Hollow Sections – 316L / 1.4404 / S31603.
Austenitic stainless steel provides excellent formability, weldability and good mechanical and corrosion properties.

Square Hollow Sections – Lean Duplex UNS S32304 / 1.4362.
Lean Duplex offer a great combination of high strength, excellent corrosion resistance and predictable price level due to low nickel content compared to other austenitic alloys like AISI 304/316L.

Lean Duplex is a preferred material choice for applications such as storage tanks, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, bridges, railings, feeding systems, water treatment systems, pipe support and firewalls and blast walls on offshore platforms. By utilizing the double strength of duplex compared to carbon and ordinary stainless steel means less cost due to weight saving by reducing the thickness in addition to less handling, fabrication and welding.

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Published: 09 Dec 20