Contract for Oslo’s largest water treatment plant

Sverdrup Steel has been awarded a contract for delivery of complete pipes, flanges, bends and end bottoms corresponding to approximately 200 tonnes of 1.4404 / 316L for the spare drinking water plant (Oset) to the City of Oslo, through our customer Andritz Hydro.

Steel Pipe

The pipes are manufactured from plates at MVUSAB in Smedjebacken, Sweden.

Large scale operations

Oset water treatment plant is Oslo’s largest water treatment plant that purifies the drinking water from Maridalsvannet. The plant is managed by the Water and Sewerage Agency (VAV) in the municipality of Oslo, and has the capacity to supply the entire city with drinking water.

Nevertheless, it normally covers 85 % of the city’s needs, which equals 95 million cubic meters a year or 3,000 liters per second. The plant is located in a mountain in Oslo.

Extensive construction work will be ongoing through 2020, most of which is scheduled for completion by mid-2021. They have completed the blasting work. Around 300,000 cubic meters of solid rock has been blown out, and around 30,000 trucks have been driven out.

Published: 01 Jul 20