Waterjet Cutting

waterjet cutter

We Provide Waterjet Cutting Services

Cutting steel with a waterjet has many advantages.

Our goal is to constantly be at the forefront of development in the industry, which we do with the help of skilled personnel, partners, and technical investments. 

Sverdrup Steel, together with our partners, has one of the most modern machine parks, which means that we can carry out waterjet cutting with 6,000 bar and large sizes up to 9×3 meters. Waterjet cutting up to 200 mm thick is possible in almost all materials. 

We perform contract work by cutting in large and small series directly from CAD drawings, pictures, and sketches. 

Benefits of waterjet cutting:

Cost-effective: Due to the clean-cut edges, no extra aftertreatment is required.

Time-efficient: Both cutting and drilling can be performed by the same tool.

Gentle: The waterjet is gentle on the material and does not cause tension, microcracking, or thermal and chemical damage.

Sustainable: Waterjet cutting is free from gasses, harmful vapor, and dripping molten metals.

We are gradually broadening our markets and delivering profiled parts and materials to players in many industries worldwide to all our segments. Our segments include: 

  • Marine and shipbuilding
  • Renewables
  • Aquaculture
  • Pulp and paper
  • Construction
  • Chemistry and process industry
  • Mining 
  • Fasteners

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