Google’s gardens built in Lean Duplex

Google is building new headquarters in London with a lush rooftop garden planted in Lean Duplex.

The rooftop of Google Gardens in Kings Cross

When Google builds new headquarters, you know it will be something out of the ordinary.

The enormous building in Kings Cross will house over 4000 employees, a swimming pool, nap pods, and a lush rooftop garden, to mention a few.

On the top of the 11 stories high building, you will find a garden filled with trees, fishponds, and flowers. In addition to being exposed to a harsh environment, the plants create a humid atmosphere and a challenging environment. An environment like this needs a highly corrosion-resistant, malleable, and strong material such as Lean Duplex.

These unique facilities are all a part of the natural theme of the building, with all materials sourced through Google’s healthy materials program.

The Google Healthy Materials Program evaluates all building products and materials through a rigorous screening process and uses criteria based on established industry standards that value transparency and material health.

We are proud to meet these industry standards and deliver over 120 tonnes of Lean Duplex LDX 1.4162 material for the spectacular garden area and plant pots.

Now we look forward to seeing the finished result.

Rooftop garden flowerpots in duplex
Flower pots for Googles Rooftop Gardes seen from the side
Flower pots for Building Googles Rooftop Gardens
Flower pots for Building Googles Rooftop Gardens

Published: 14 Jun 22

By: Elisabeth Kruiderink