Verification and testing of LD24, a new Lean Duplex grade

We are currently performing additional testing and verification of the new material grade LD24, where the following verifications are done with satisfactory results.

Bent LD24 steel

Bending 6 mm and 10 mm plates to 90 degrees with 1x wall radius (standard radius is 2 x wall) – using brake press at our partner Smed T. Kristiansen. Smed T. Kristiansen confirmed that this material grade showed similar properties to other Duplex grades – uniform properties and no surface irregularities.

Mechanical and metallurgical tests as per ISO 17781 scope at our independent partners test laboratory, Q-lab. The mechanical and metallurgical tests at Q-lab were also satisfactory, where corrosion test also passed at a far higher temperature than required.

Lean Duplex grade LD24 outruns the more traditional AISI 304 regarding price, strength, and corrosion resistance. Technically LD24 is often at the level of AISI 316.

Bending of 10 mm plate of LD24
Bend radius 10 mm for 10 mm plate of LD24
Bend radius 10 mm for 10 mm plate of LD24

Ask our technical team of metallurgists to assist with technical matters, and we may provide plate sections for your welding tests or other tests. Learn more about LD24 here.

Published: 31 Oct 22

By: Elisabeth Kruiderink