We’re Joining Are Strandli towards Tokyo 2020

By 18.11.19 News
Foto: Fotografmester Hans Jørgen Brun

We are delighted to inform that we will work with Are Strandli towards the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Are, along with his companion are among the world’s best rowers in the sport double sculler. When they won bronze at the Rio Olympics, they were also awarded the Fearney’s Honorary Award for Norway’s best performance during the Olympics.

Our contribution allows are to spend more time focusing on training. In turn we hope that Are will inspire our organization as we learn more about how an Olympic gold medal candidate systematically work towards their goal.

In the initial stages of our collobaration it has been interesting to learn that the values set by the duo share many simalerities with the values established by our team at Sverdrup Steel.

Are and Kristoffer have been in the top of the world rankings for the last 6-7 years and have been on the podium in all the major championships (World Cup, European Championship and Olympics). This indicates that their goal for Tokyo 2020 is nothing short of achievable.

The season has recently started with training at the Olympiatoppen in Oslo, but they will leave for Portugal for an 11 day training camp december the 9th, where they finally get some rowing done in water.

Believe it or not – rowing is actually a small sport in Norway, but worldwide there are over a 100 countries fighting for the same medal. We wish Are and Kristoffer good luck in the journey to another Olympic medal. You have all 70 of us cheering for you!

Photo: Hans Jørgen Brun

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